• Beginning in September, after our grand opening at our new facility in Allendale, NJ, we will begin hosting veterans, introducing them to Hope, our newly adopted mustang who was rescued from a broken life by Cat Zimmerman of CZ Mustangs, and Chirpa, a previously wild mustang trained by Rob West, a military veteran and horse trainer from Long Island. With these two mustangs, we will begin helping heroes heal from the wounds of war.
  • Other horses, mostly previously wild mustangs, will slowly be introduced into our herd and to our veterans who participate in our programs.
  • Educating the public and advocating to our politicians for change to better protect these extraordinary Horses is paramount on their to do list. These are some iron will personalities that will stop at nothing  to protect the most vulnerable.
  • Amy and Mark will be available for public speaking events for corporate and non-corporate functions. Through their remarkable story of overcoming the odds as a Military couple, they display strength and grace in a way that can translate into anyone’s life.
Hope, a previously wild mustang, and mascot of Horses Heal Heroes.
Captured, trained, adopted, and abandoned. Hope was rescued by Cat Zimmerman, CZ Mustangs, and given a second chance at not only living life but being a happy, healthy, horse.

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