The Heroes Wellness Program pairs our Heroes with our Mustangs for 90 minutes each week for a period of 4 weeks. Each session builds a foundation for a long and healing relationship with our Mustangs. Heroes will be introduced to other simple relaxation and mindfulness techniques along the way. 


Mark and Amy Steppe will bring their inspiring story to your school, or you can bring your school to the Unbridled Heroes Project. Students will hear first hand how Mark and Amy overcame their significant personal challenges and found peace through their interaction with rescue horses.

Special interest groups

Looking for an inspiring story of survival and recovery to share with your local scout group, teen club, or community event? Mark and Amy Steppe will share their unique journey, and how they found new hope and purpose alongside rescue horses.

Motivational speaking

If you are looking for a unique story to inspire your audience to push through the obstacles that face them, Mark and Amy Steppe will not disappoint. Your audience will hear first hand how they overcame a battle with PTSD resulting in combat overseas, depression, addiction, illness, and a heinous crime against their family. Their struggle to find peace, and a new purpose, will move even the most hardened amongst us.

Hope, a previously wild mustang, and mascot of Horses Heal Heroes.
Captured, trained, adopted, and abandoned. Hope was initially rescued by Cat Zimmerman, and given a second chance. Mark and Amy met her this summer and saw how damaged her soul was and knew she would thrive with The Unbridled Heroes Project. 
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