1DF5239A-E375-4454-9924-BB807A5A8AAEOur American veterans have sacrificed and suffered for our country. Many of them return to their homes having witnessed unspeakable atrocities. Some return to find they no longer have a home or, if they do, things just aren’t the same. Their spirit is broken.

Our mission is to help our veterans by rescuing and reviving their spirit by matching them up with our rescued mustangs. It is in this way that we can help them reconnect with themselves, the first step in readjusting to life back at home.

Three Step Mission:

–To rescue and revive the unbridled spirit in both our rescued horses and our heroes.

–To educate and advocate for our American Mustangs as well as horses that are stuck in the slaughter pipeline.

–To offer our American heroes a place to come together and witness the extraordinary connections one can make with an unbridled spirit.

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