Executive Board

Bree De Beau~Born in upstate New York, Bree has always had a deep connection with nature, and a love for animals. She began bringing injured or abandoned animals home at a very young age. To date, she has rescued over 50 pups, and continues to help find forever homes for dogs in need. She is beyond thrilled to be bringing rescue pups into Unbridled. Bree is certified in Vinyasa Yoga and has specialized training in trauma, abuse, domestic violence and addiction. She is also a certified health coach and revels in helping to heal from the inside out. Her passion for spreading compassion and working with those in need, is what keeps her heart so full.

Alina Goncalves~ Born in Brazil, raised in NY, Alina brings 20 years of Public Relations and Marketing expertise to create memorable experiences that embrace real connections, drive positive transformation, and motivate to close the gap between intention and action.

Rose Bogert~Rose spent a decade working for the executive producer of Great Performances at Channel Thirteen in NYC, with a promotion to PBS corporate working on newly developed television shows, and coordinating with corporate sponsors. Rose discovered meditation in her twenties, and has studied several healing modalities. She is certified in Kriya Yoga and Meditation technique and has spent the last fifteen years in the learning and practice of Qi Gong and Tai Chi. Rose has had a lifelong relationship with horses, and totally enjoys being with the incredible Unbridled herd.

Jack Bogwald~ Born and raised in New Jersey, Jack built his career in the limousine business; a profession that allowed him to drive people to their destination while embracing human connections. It was his daughter Lea’s passion for horses that guided him to Mark and Amy Steppe. “I believe the universe connected us for a reason; together we could join forces to rescue more wild mustangs and build a healing center for veterans and unbridled heroes… It feels as if we are still all driving my limousine, this time towards our dreams.”

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