100% of your donations goes towards running our facility, the care of our horses, and toward provisions for our FREE wellness programs for military Veterans.

  • $18.00 Bag of Grain
  • $9.00 Bale of hay
  • $6.00 Bag of shavings
  • $70.00 Feet trimmed (every 6-8 weeks)
  • $90.00 Dental
  • $1,700.00 shelter a month
  • $250.00 seasonal shots per horse (2x a year)

One Time Gift

Support us and make a tax deductible gift that helps provides food, medical care, and enrichment for our horses.

Give Monthly

Multiply your impact! Your recurring tax-deductible monthly contribution will sustain our daily efforts not only to keep, but grow our veteran program, and care for our horses.

  • $25 a month (less than $1 per day) helps us XYZ
  • $50 a month (less than $2 per day) helps XYZ
  • $100

Sponsor a Horse

Each* of our unique horses requires medical care, food, enrichment, grooming, and additional supplies to ensure their health and happiness for the year. With your generous sponsorship, we can ensure their needs continue to be met on a consistent basis.

*$400 per month per horse

Sponsor a Veteran

Our Veteran program combines rescued Mustangs who have been severely abused and neglected and Veterans to create a place of belonging and healing. With your help, we can continue to offer this program to our nations Veterans.

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