Strength… tapping into that part where you choose to live…. truly live

I have to share this…. the edits are choppy but my friend taped part of this incredible weekend and it really touched me. Please share and enjoy, this is real… choose to live, whatever it is you ever wanted to do, take action to do it, we never know what life will throw at you. Live like it is your last day on earth….. Check out our video at our Unbridled Heroes Youtube Channel for one of our most beautiful moments, with a Marine and his Mustang….

Be an Eagle….

I say often how words can not describe what I am feeling… and this is another one of those times where words can not describe what it is that these past few months have meant to us, what these Mustangs mean to us. Love… I know love is in whatever it is this journey we are on, I know the foundation is love, but the rest of it is hard to describe. First of all, anyone  and everyone who has helped out in this, volunteered your time and energy, I thank you all. All of you had these moments of genius to contribute and Mark and I are so grateful to everything you all have given us. To our UHP family, Cat Zimmerman, Sarah Price, Pam Aisenbrey, Jack Bogwald, Kevin Henry, Kevin Bombace, Matt Aderhold, Jimmy Kostro, Meagan McCarthy, and Mathew Nielson….. THANK YOU!!! You all have been crucial in whatever this feeling is…. In the success of UHP, I can not thank you enough… 

To our supporters, THANK YOU. This is just the beginning.  To our Mustangs, I can not even begin to say what these horses mean to us and how proud I am at their progress. They are beautiful, smart, individual souls with such unique personalities….. They have all touched the lives of so many already and I am so proud of them. 

My family, no words…. To come from an orphanage in Colombia, to be able to flourish and grow with your love is the greatest gift we can give anyone. I plan to give back and help those who need it as long as I live….sometimes, all we need is a little love to truly grow. 

Phoenix and Saturn, I think of you EVERYDAY. I talk to you at night hoping my vibrations and wishes will reach you through the Universe. I love you both so much and miss you everyday. I know someday you will understand just what you meant to us, what you changed in our hearts and how you moved our souls… When we change the laws, which we will, it is in honor of you both. 

Winter Wonderland was amazing, we will be hosting another one on December 22 and 23rd, will update with times. We also have opened a gift shop with custom made gifts. We will be posting our hours on our website!! Our mini horses have names and will be arriving hopefully within the week!!! They have been weak and sick but are on the mend. Mark and I have been in touch with Congressman Gottheimer and have a meeting setup to discuss our concerns. We also have been diligent in reaching out and covering our bases to start making actual change. Our farm has had so many different walks of life already come through our door,  and these lives have changed in a positive way, the way we knew it would work. UHP will launch our official Veterans program this Spring. We have also had a big interest from our younger community, so in January we will officially be launching The Unbridled Kids Club, which will be a held for 2 hours once a week for 8 weeks. All proceeds will come back to our Rescue. Our focus with Unbridled Kids will be help our youth become active with their communities and more mindful in their own souls. It will be amazing!! We will update our website once everything is confirmed. Please share our mission and our project!! We run and are only able to operate  with your support, please consider donating to our cause!!! THANK YOU!! Be UNBRIDLED, smile at someone today, change someone’s life today, because you can. 
Tax Deductible Donations can be made at PayPal.Me/unbridledheroes

Tax Deductible Donations can be made at PayPal.Me/unbridledheroes

Awesome News…. New Rescues, Home town Heroes…. Winter Wonderland and more!!!


Congress of the United States // House of Representatives // Washington, DC 20515
Congress of the United States // House of Representatives // Washington, DC 20515

213 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
(202) 225-4465
December 6, 2018 

Dear Mark and Amy Steppe,

It gives me great pleasure to inform you of your selection as a New Jersey Fifth District Hometown Hero.  Nominees have been chosen by their neighbors and community leaders for their outstanding contributions to our District by volunteering, serving or working to help others. You exemplify our shared Jersey values that make North Jersey such a special place to live. The Fifth District Hometown Heroes Awards are presented to business leaders, first responders, teachers, children, seniors, and community leaders to recognize their commitment to bettering the lives of other Jersey residents and families.  

I will be holding a ceremony on December 14, 2018 at 11:00 a.m. at the Trustees Pavilion at Ramapo College, 505 Ramapo Valley Rd in Mahwah, to recognize all of our Hometown Heroes.

To RSVP or should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Hadar Arazi of my staff at (201) 389-1100 or at I look forward to this opportunity to recognize your exceptional contributions and hope that you are able to join us.

Again, congratulations on your recognition as a Hometown Hero!    




Josh Gottheimer

We are so honored to be chosen as The New Jersey Fifth District Hometown Hero. None of this would have been possible without our team. We are blown away, we have been working hard and accomplished so much in three months but I never expected this!! We are honored and hopeful that all our hard work behind the scenes, all the phone calls, studying the statutes regarding animal cruelty and live stock laws, just when I felt like I was getting nowhere, this happens!! We are beyond grateful. 

Our three Mustangs are thriving in their life with us at Unbridled. The other night I felt just pure love for each of them and how they have already helped so many with their own unique energy and way about them. To say they make me proud is an understatement. 

We will be adding to our herd very soon. We have rescued two mini’s from slaughter that are still recovering in quarantine. We are hopeful they will be with us by next week. We also got a call about a surrender case last night of an older Mustang. In our hearts, we know we need to help this one, and we will. We are working on getting her to us in the next week. Our three newest family at Unbridled will be Amirah, Buddy and Nevada. We will do what we do and love them, and let the beautiful world work its magic as it does. We will definitely  need help, bot at the barn and financially. We are a non-profit and rely solely on donations and grants. ANYTHING helps, a penny to me has so much more meaning than it ever did before. We are grateful for any donation, and all goes straight to the care of our Rescues!!!

We will be hosting a winter wonderland this weekend, an open house so you guys can come meet our amazing team, and meet our Mustangs!!! Please stop by!! We will have a gift shop with some custom made knives, woodwork and paintings all done by our very talented Kevin Henry, a Vietnam Veteran!! 50 percent of what he makes in his sales will come back to us at UHP!!! Stop by for a good time!!! THANK YOU ALL FOR BELIEVING IN US!!!!


We have so much to update you all on!!!! First big news is…. we are officially our own entity, The Unbridled Heroes Project is a registered 501-c3 non-profit!!!! We never could have gotten to this place without CZ Mustangs and Cat Zimmerman. What was once just a dream, has now become true. All because these people took a risk on us. We went to train with Cat this summer, and what happened was something so surreal and beautiful. When we seemed so lost, God and the Universe had a plan, if we just paid attention, and we stayed true to our heart, it was all there for us. So that summer, Sarah Price, Cat’s mom, best selling author and brilliant business woman, took the time to listen to mark and I and what was in our hearts. She simply said, “So, let’s make it happen.” And it did. When we returned to NJ, she stayed true to her word and guided us the whole way, partnering with us and their rescue, CZ Mustangs while we got ourselves established. And the doors started to open, every time we felt like we were stumbling, they were there to support us.  While we are our own entity, we are still partnered with CZ Mustangs. In fact, Cat Zimmerman is on my board of trustees and a founder of this brilliant project. I speak of Cat a lot…. She is a beautiful brilliant young woman. She has a heart of gold and a work ethic unlike any 16 year old I know.  Mark and I will be very involved with CZ Mustangs as we are still a part of them, so in truth, between us, we have two rescues, one in Archer, Florida with 19 rescues, and our rescue here in Allendale, with 5 rescues. While Cat is undeniably talented, she is humble and wise beyond her years. THANK YOU CAT ZIMMERMAN, Sarah Price, CZ Mustangs. Seaton Hackney and the owner of Seaton Hackney,Marc Schumacher for everything you all have done. 

We also want to thank Backpacks For Life and the founders, Brett and Alexa. When we came back from Florida this summer I reached out to Brett and Alexa for guidance and help. Despite everything they have going on, they made time to meet with us and help us in anyway they could. That kind of help will never be forgotten. And in the process we made lifelong friends. 

To everyone who believed in us, THANK YOU. We have accomplished so much in the past 3 months, including saving 5 beautiful lives. We are working hard behind the scenes on making a true difference in these beautiful lives, not just our rescues, but for all horses going forward. We have so much work ahead of us, including updating and revamping our webpage. Thank you all so much for your support…. Take that chance, where there is a will, there is a way……

And my mom…. watching you battle like a warrior for your life has made me want to live in the moment more than ever… to make a difference in this world. I love you like no other, and am proud to be your daughter….

Awesome video clip from the Bergen Record!!!

I have a LOT of amazing news to share…. We have been so busy with the horses and everyday life… It has all been an amazing blur!! What I have learned so much through the past few years and especially now, is you MUST take the time to take care of yourself…. if you do not you will fall apart. I have learned to listen to my body and know when to slow down and to give myself a break. My mom has been battling stage 4 primary peritoneal cancer and required a massive surgery in an attempt to save her life. I put everything else aside, blogging, marketing, everything to help her get through this. I have the MOST INCREDIBLE TEAM at Unbridled Heroes and when you build a good team, you know they will have your back… and did they ever. They fed and trained and mucked and cleaned while I tended to my mom… I am forever grateful to every single one of my volunteers!!! I feel like I can breathe again. My mom is home with us and that is the biggest blessing yet. The rest will happen, I have faith in what we are doing and faith it can will manifest in ways we never could have imagined. Love to all you and your loved ones. Hug them extra tight!! Here is a video the Bergen Record did on us!! Hope you enjoy.


Check out this video on North Jersey Media Group:

Unbridled Heroes Sweatshirts!!!

We have sweatshirts if anyone wants to order!!! They are $30.00 a Shirt!! The design is done by the talented James Saad. You can pay on PayPal or send a check or cash to 100 Franklin Tpke, Allendale, NJ 07401. Or you can just give it to me when I see you!! Make sure you put your address and size you want in your PayPal order or  in an email to me. They are a thinner nice material!! LOVE them.



Wild horses……

Childhood living is easy to do
The things you wanted I bought them for you
Graceless lady you know who I am
You know I can’t let you slide through my hands
Wild horses, couldn’t drag me away
Wild wild horses couldn’t drag me away

I watched you suffer a dull aching pain
Now you decided to show me the same
No sweeping exits or off stage lines
Could make me feel bitter or treat you unkind
Wild horses, couldn’t drag me away
Wild wild horses couldn’t drag me away

I know I’ve dreamed you a sin and a lie
I have my freedom but I don’t have much time
Faith has been broken tears must be cried
Let’s do some living after we die
Wild horses, couldn’t drag me away
Wild wild horses we’ll ride them someday
Wild horses, couldn’t drag me away
Wild wild horses we’ll ride them someday

Rolling Stones


Something so beautiful it can not be changed by time….. that is what I feel the past month has been. We have 5 rescues, 3 beautiful Mustangs who are THRIVING at UHP!!! Two beautiful mini horses that we pulled from Cranbury Kill pen in their last moments. They are sick and scared but are in quarantine while they get healthy and can come and be with us. Your support has allowed us to save them and given our souls a boost that we needed!! We had our first Yoga Fundraiser at the barm with our Mustangs, it was incredible. Thank you to the beautiful Rose Bogert for the wonderful yoga session. The Mustangs were so quiet and peaceful during the class, it was amazing!!!

This weekend is Veterans Day and we will be hosting a bagel and coffee hang out day for our heroes so they can meet our Mustangs on Saturday!!! We are so grateful to the love and support we have been getting from our community and afar!!

Our partner and co-founder Cat Zimmerman has been busy at her CZ Mustang facility in Archer, Florida training 19 Mustangs, we are so proud and know that in those Mustang lives, we have made a difference!!!! Please continue to share our message of “unbridling yourselves”, to be kind always and to treasure the now….. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!

We will be having a Winter Wonderland starting November 29th!!! Stop by Rohsler’s beautiful nursery, pick up a tree, some goodies, then make your way to our barn where the Winter Wonderland will be!! See the magic and the mustangs for yourself, get a cup of hot chocolate and take a picture with our snow fairies, Mrs. Clause and our mini horses!! Will be posting hours as the date arises!!

Donations are welcome, every dollar helps our mission: PayPal.Me/unbridledheroes


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