Life is good….

Thank you so much to the Life is Good company for the beautiful basket you donated to Unbridled Heroes!! We will be auctioning it off online!! For every $5.00 donated, we will enter your name in our drawing.  The winner will be announced on Veterans Day, Sunday November 11th!! Here is a picture of our gorgeous Rescue Shiloh appreciating the fact that LIFE IS GOOD!!!!! You can donate online through our PayPal, Facebook fundraiser, check or cash!! THANK YOU beautiful people!! And THANK YOU to  LIFE IS GOOD for your basket and all the amazing goodies inside!!



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Unbridle yourself, it is a beautiful thing

To see this… to really understand this is to dig deep. It is to find your true authentic self. With every setback, every struggle, it is that voice telling you to press on, despite what the norms are, despite what others may say. Cat, I will say it over and over again, you are that raw beauty that comes from within…. you display that in how you communicate  with these magnificent wild souls. From your post earlier I take your quote: “No one who conceives him only as a potential servant to man can apprehend the mustang. The true conceiver must be a lover of freedom— a person who yearns to extend freedom to all life.” – J. Frank Dobie


Miracles do happen…..

Last week we tried to fundraise for two little mini’s that had been in the kill pen for 2 weeks. I asked the kill pen to hold them one more week in an attempt to raise funds to save them. By last Friday, I put my faith in God and the Universe and accepted the fact that we had not raised the money and that fate of these two little souls looked grim.  A few hours later I received a call that we had a donor!!!! Someone I never even met, was raising the funds with her company. We had a deadline of 7pm to raise the funds…. We prayed and waited. At 7pm we got a call that the Mini horses were fully bailed and we could pick them up on Tuesday to bring them to quarantine….. Faith… and Hope. It is what always has gotten me through every struggle and has changed every aspect of my life. My Dad (who is not a horse person) asked why we would save them, what was the point, we could not ride them, they were sick and clearly unwanted… It was because of just that, they deserved to be loved, like any other life. I really thought hard about that question before I answered him…. I told him, it was like me, I see myself in these lost souls. I was too, was abandoned, and left alone as a helpless baby.  I was in an Orphanage in Colombia, and with unknowing blind faith, my Mom and Dad saved me. They believed my life, as pitiful as it was at that time, was worth living, was worth being loved….That has resonated with me in my soul for my entire life. These two mini horses will be loved back to life, they will be cherished as they should. They will go to nursing homes and visit those who may not be able to get to us. We can give joy where there may be none. We are blessed. In this one life of ours we can make a difference, it may not seem big, but it is everything to that one life you are changing. Thank you to Mama Junk Co and her team who pulled this off. thank you to 3 young ladies from my soccer team who took it upon themselves to raise money to help with the quarantine. Thank you to all our supporters, friends and family!! Will keep you all updated on these two cuties….



Yoga with Mustangs!!

JOIN US SATURDAY!!!! Qi-Gong Yoga Class Fundraiser at the UHP Barn in Allendale!! Check out our flyer!! This Saturday, November 3rd, 10:30 AM, Details Below!! You can pay ahead at PayPal.Me/unbridledheroes. to reserve your spot!! All the money raised will go straight to our Rescues!



Raw magnetic beauty…

25626226_10103915439549614_7975170168125463580_oI have been blessed to be able to witness the extraordinary healing horses can give a human soul…. I have also witnessed that magnetic, raw, beautiful energy that all people possess, yet only a few live it out in their daily lives, where it is this light that follows them that I can only describe as a halo. Alli was one of these people whose spirit was contagious and crazy beautiful. We did this photoshoot not knowing what to expect…  It turned out to be one of the most moving days of my life…. The love, the energy…. no words will ever truly describe what that day meant, to all of us that were there to witness it. Alli passed a few months later, yet I feel her spirit often…. I think about her often….. She was already an unbridled soul, she laughed and lived fearlessly, she was humble and beautiful. This is a tribute to Alli…. and what she taught me that magical day just a year ago…. to be unbridled… to be free in yourself…. Thank you Alli and too her beautiful family, to Barbie and our beautiful horse friends, Gastone and Laddie.


Mustangs getting some much needed attention

We are so grateful to Lucy Probert and Northwest Bergen Magazine Premiere Issue for writing about Unbridled Heroes Project and CZ Mustangs!!! Please be sure to pick up your copies November 1st!!!! 44488198_268257657228628_9193893992675147776_n44364580_318905325587275_614327258454163456_n

Everything has been an incredible, awesome, whirlwind, and so hard to believe we have only been officially open for one month!!! In one month we have done the following:

  • We have rescued three Mustangs: Chirpa, Hope and Shiloh.
  • We have our first participant, a young 22 year old Marine, battling AML Leukemia. He has been through more in one year than most people have been through in a lifetime.  The changes in this young man have been miraculous and he is now an active part of our team and family!
  • We are an established 501-c3 non profit under CZ Mustangs and are working on getting our own status. We are SOOOOO grateful to them and everything they have done for us. Thank you.
  • We are building the dream team of the right people to make this successful and have many people inquiring and offering to help. We are BLESSED!!!!
  • We have been very vocal in the recent round up of the 1,000 Mustangs in CA and are working with the forestry department to perhaps come up with another plan for the Mustangs’ management.
  • We have been vocal about the cruelty at the New Holland Livestock Auction in PA. We have contacted the local Sheriff, State Representative and the sales manager to address the many law violations and inhumane treatment of their livestock. Animal Angels has released their undercover video of NHLA and the deplorable conditions there. We are demanding change. UHP is approaching animal cruelty from a different platform… as Veterans. We will get something done.
  • We have 4 speaking engagements coming up.
  • We have represented UHP in the 4H fair, The Allendale Street Festival and The Firewatch Festival in Fairlawn.
  • Our Mustangs have had three professional photoshoots thanks to David Radney Photography , 4J Photography and This Mustangs Life. Thanks for highlighting the girls’ true beauty.
  • Marketing has been slow but we are working on grassroots fundraising for now and will be applying for grants ASAP. Donations have been coming in and we are so grateful to everyone who has contributed, businesses and individuals.
  • Cat Zimmerman and CZ Mustangs have been busy with 19 rescues in Archer Florida!!! Cat has also been named the ambassador for the Mustang Heritage Center while winning her 5th Mustang makeover belt. Together we are making a difference, slow and steady!!! Wishing CZ Mustangs continued good luck as they expand.



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