Roush….. NYC Car Show

We are so grateful to Roush Performance and All American Ford for inviting us to the car show. We went on Thursday for Press day and will be back at the end of this week. It was quite a wonderful experience and another platform to let people know what we are doing at Unbridled. We are so grateful to hopefully a lasting partnership with Roush and All American Ford!! My favorite part about the day was being with my mom, my son, my best friend and business partner, my husband and one of our UHP team members!! We had so much fun taking the ferry over, laughing together… simply being with one another. Those are the special moments… the process of getting from where you are to where you want to be… the journey. ENJOY the journey. LOVE your people and be kind.

Rise and Grind…

We have had a very busy few weeks!! Mark and I had the honor of speaking to 600 students at West Essex Middle school about Unbridled Heroes. It was amazing and inspiring. I always get really nervous before a speech and in the end, I simply speak from the heart and it comes naturally. If I can reach one child and change that one life, I am happy. We talk about kindness and faith in yourself, the faith to be YOU. And when you are YOU, the rest happens as it is supposed to. That being said, there will always be obstacles and things in your way, but if you stay true to your own heart’s mission, you will get through all the storms and prevail. And through every storm, you will become that much stronger and that much more beautiful. Be UNBRIDLED!!!

“She fell, she crashed, she broke, she cried, she crawled, she hurt, she surrendered….. and then… she rose again…….”

This video means so much to me… there is so much more but I kept it to a minute for Instagram…. NEVER in a million years would I ever think I could be doing what we are doing. This journey has been exhilarating and so eye opening in every way. I have met beautiful souls and followed on the path of positivity and gratefulness. With this change in mindset, everything else changed in our lives. There have been awesome highs and many lows, but the PROCESS, that, like I said before is the ultimate living. Live with no regrets, you will fail, you will cry, you will feel like quitting… but don’t. Your glory is waiting right there, so push through, look to your tribe and your vibe. Rely on your team, be yourself. Do not be embarrassed, be true to yourself. This video is a quick motivational piece of some of our lows, but despite. the pain, the tears, the hurt, the haters, the self doubt… we still pushed through…. So push through… live your TRUTH. Be kind, humble, give what you can, and see the beauty in everything. And it is ok to cry, and it is ok to want to quit, but don’t…. crawl your way through, find that grit in yourself and fight for your dreams!!! Be so freaking UNBRIDLED!!!

Legendary Cat Zimmerman

Not enough is said about this young woman… when I think of a hero, and an unexpected hero, I think of Cat. In her humble nature and soft spoken voice, you may not realize the fierceness it takes to do what she does, day in and day out. While making a massive difference with CZ Mustangs, she is instrumental in what we do at Unbridled Heroes. We are proud to announce the opening of The Unbridled Heroes Project second location in Archer, Florida where we will host our first wellness retreat for Veterans next winter. We are in the works, no rest, building the most insane foundation to give back, to those who need it and seek it. Cat and I together will work to plan our first winter Unbridled Heroes retreat at CZ Mustangs. Cat is the All American girl, and to me, she is the Mustang Queen, showing grace and humility. We wish her luck as she heads to Wisconsin for the Mustang makeover. She is a key foundation in everything we do, and as the time progresses, the magic will be inevitable. She is already becoming a local hero to young girls in NJ. We love her, and your team at Unbridled wishes you the very best!!!

Crazy beautiful dreams…

Everything has been a beautiful blur. Beautiful blurs, or beautiful chaos is something I feel that is built from something more than just pure beauty. It is built with tears, love, sweat, frustrations, setbacks, broken bones (yes!! Gentling Mustangs is not easy), determination, passion and pure grit. From that, if you do not give up, the process of where you are going on the way to your dreams, THAT is the beautiful part. The people you meet, the team you build, the foundation of what you are trying to create. One of my board members and brilliant mind, Yasminka, sat me down the other day so we could brainstorm. She looked at me and said “the magic for you and your husband was in the unstructured way you healed… and now you are trying to bottle that up and share it”. She knew EXACTLY what I was trying to do, before I even knew how to explain it. And she knew a way in which we could do it, and how to structure that beautiful magic into something we could share, and that is precisely what we are doing.

While we have been growing and building, I found myself running a million miles ahead, leaving my husband behind in the dust. Forgetting that WE needed to do this together, that this unique beautiful thing we were trying to do could only be done together and through the love we genuinely experienced through loss and regrowth. This process has taught me so much about patience and placidity, that there was something pure in the stillness of things.

The team we have built are some of the most solid good people I could think of. They have been steadfast in our journey and will be vital to our prosperity. We are so BLESSED with our team and their ability to work together for the greater good. We are all on this amazing ride together, and each person that we have encountered has had a big part in our journey.

Since September we have had three cruelty investigations, 2 resulting in positive outcomes and one that had our hands tied…. but only for a moment, because we realized in order to make massive change, we must change the laws.

Our Heroes program is ready to launch in May. This program has been carefully planned out to capture what we know it can do…. joy. Joy in the moments, how do you measure authentic joy? While this may be hard to capture on paper or in a statistic, we know we will see it on our heroes faces as they interact with our herd. So much preparation has gone into getting our Rescues ready for this massive journey, one that will enrich the soul more than anything I can truly explain. Only the human and the horse will understand what I am talking about. The training and gentling we have done has us all now in a place to change lives.

We have had our first birthday party at UHP, which was amazing. To see kids being kids, engaging with one another, being creative, running outside and creating art was beyond awesome.

All American Ford and Roush Performance has changed our lives in so many ways and to be partnered with such a force has us humbled and grateful…. knowing that God does have a plan and the Universe is hard at work…. This partnership is something we only dreamed of… but dreams come true…. We will be updating as this is all happening. Be kind, be good, and be UNBRIDLED!!!!!

Penny Justice….

Penny justice came to us on a whim. I had heard about her from a friend, and it broke our hearts. She was the last one left on the kill lot, no one had taken her, so a good friend pulled her out last minute. Covered in scars and open wounds, 300 pounds underweight, she took her in. We decided we would offer her a home with UHP. While she was not a Mustang, she was a soul that deserved to be loved and cherished for the rest of her life. They said she was 16, but I think she is much older. We named her Penny Justice and she is adjusting to life here. Our Mustangs are slowly taking to her which is good. All our volunteers have fallen head over heels for this sweet mare, and we know she will be a Hero to someone in our heroes program. Here is the beautiful Penny Justice!!!

If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men. Francis of Assisi

UHP is lobbying for this bill to be passed in the state of New Jersey. What we need to do now is to get as many people as we can to call call the chair of The Assembly of Agriculture in the state of NJ: Eric Houghtaling (732) 695-3371. Please call and voice your support for bill A4298. This bill was introduced originally by Assemblyman Benson but needs to pass through this next part. In order to even get it on the agenda, we need as many calls as possible!!!! please call and then comment on the Unbridled page that you have, so we can keep a running tally!! We are hoping this bill can be heard as early as March!!! The parts we are particularly interested in are as follows:

The bill would amend the definition of “necessary care” to provide for “care sufficient to preserve the health and well-being of an animal . . . including:

(2)          open or adequate access to drinkable water of an appropriate temperature* in sufficient quantity and quality to satisfy the animal’s needs;

(3)          access to adequate protection from the weather, including access to an enclosed non-hazardous structure sufficient to protect the animal from the weather that has adequate bedding to protect against cold and dampness, and adequate protection from extreme or excessive sunlight and from overexposure to the sun, heat and other weather conditions;

(4)          veterinary care deemed necessary by a reasonably prudent person to prevent or relieve injury, neglect or disease, alleviate suffering, and maintain health; and

(5)          reasonable access to a clean and adequate exercise area.

Welcome to the grind….

Unbridled Heroes is awakening…. It has been exhausting but worth every second, every tear, every setback and every glory. What started as a mindset, a shift in belief has made our dreams possible, our voices for the voiceless are being heard and we will continue to fight for them. We are unbridled, anything is possible with structure and faith. We have started to dive in deep into a very corrupt system that goes beyond animal cruelty and the exploitation of our horses, one that is evil and is existing because WE are letting them. It is time to stop it, we are stronger, our spirit is unstoppable, and faith will lead the way. UHP will go about this in an alternative way, that is our style, our anthem, but we will DO SOMETHING. There is a whole pipeline of horses that are exported to Canada and Mexico in the most inhumane ways. Most often these trades are done by the most evil of men and women and these lives, beautiful innocent lives are caught in this awful system of greed, corruption and money. AMERICA, we can do better by what is a living legend, our horse.

The SAFE Act, which would ban the export of our horses for human consumption has been reintroduced in Washington. While everyone is so excited, this seems to be a pattern where the bill just sits and nothing happens. This year, UHP will make sure the bill does not sit, something will happen, we will move it through the house and senate by working with our legislatures to ensure that this time, we stop the madness. This is just the beginning. Enforcement of the laws is a whole different issue, but one step at a time. It’s GRIND time. Here is a link to follow the bill.

With that, on our home base, our Rescues are thriving….. they are beautiful in every way and we have fallen madly in love with every single one of them. UHP is ready to launch our Heroes Program in Late March, providing our Heroes an alternative holistic way to heal.

We have linked up with a wonderful Girl Scout Troop from Mahwah, we are excited to be chosen as their bronze star project. Here is a picture of us brainstorming at the farm.

UHP has also been speaking, hoping for an Unbridled movement where we can inspire people to unbridle themselves and live their dreams. It has been a remarkable experience and we are so grateful. Here is an edited clip of our last speech. We are a 501-c3 and rely solely on donations. Please consider The Unbridled Heroes Project for any donations. We are so grateful for the support and love.

Our Partner, Cat Zimmerman has been super busy doing what she does best, gentling Wild Mustangs…. Below is her latest blog post which we took from her website, which you can subscribe to at: In bold below is what this amazing young woman has been doing. We are SO PROUD of CAT and the unsung hero behind both CZ Mustangs and Unbridled, Cat’s mother.

February 2019 is in full-swing and so much is going on at CZ Mustangs that I’m not quite sure where to start.

Cat Zimmerman, Extreme Mustang Makeover Trainer

Unlike previous years, this winter, Cat has not one but two mustangs in training for Extreme Mustang Makeovers–one in Madison, Wisconsin and one in Ocala, Florida.

We picked up Kimber (Wisconsin mustang) in January after a very, very long drive from Florida to Mississippi to Illinois and back to Florida. Kimber is a long yearling and, personality wise, a cross between Beau (the 2018 Kentucky Makeover mustang) and Digby (the 2018 Georgia TIP Challenge). He started out a bit…difficult but came around quickly. Cat discovered that he’s a natural for liberty.

Cat Zimmerman, Extreme Mustang Makeover Trainer

Just over a week ago, we picked up another new mustang. This one is SPICY and a real piece of work. She’s a buckskin filly, not even a year old. As usual, Cat was excited for the challenge because feisty fillies just add to her knowledge base for future training situations.

It didn’t take long for “Lil Miss Sunshine” to win Cat’s heart–originally named tongue-in-cheek but now that she’s simmered down, the name truly suits her.

Sunni’s adorable. She will be available for adoption in the near future. Now that she’s a little more pleasant to be around, Cat has to determine what the filly likes to do. Every horse needs a job and purpose, so we will keep everyone abreast on Sunni’s progress.

In addition, she’s preparing for the horse expo in Tennessee where she was invited to give clinics and perform.  We both love these events because it enables her to educate large groups of people about the programs offered by the Mustang Heritage Foundation as well as the amazing capabilities of wild mustangs–given proper training, most mustangs can be domesticated and compete successfully in any discipline.

Finally, Cat has been invited to give clinics in the springtime and summer in different states. We are thrilled to travel, especially since she will finally get to see mustangs in the wild, an experience I planned on giving to her last year but I unexpectedly wound up sending her and another person to the 2018 Mustang Magic instead. I cannot wait for her to see mustangs running in the wild at last. What a magnificent experience she will have and I’m super excited that I will be there with her.

Time to fight…..

The Unbridled Heroes Project has been working tirelessly on our end to get to the right people to get this reintroduced. The fight is hardly over, we need to get both head of the Agriculture and the head of the energy and commerce committee to pass this through. Then the Speaker of the house needs to push it through and it will have to pass in both the house and the senate, then to the President to become law. This bill has been here before where nothing happened. Now it is action time, now we put on the pressure, now we get it done!! WE FIGHT FOR OUR HORSES. There is still so much to do. We will putting up ways you can help this cause by next week. THANK YOU!!

“Federal Legislation Announced to Ban Horse Slaughter
Posted on January 31, 2019 by frontrangeadmin

“The slaughter of horses for human consumption is a barbaric practice that has no place in America,” U.S. Representative Vern Buchanan said.
Protecting American Horses From Slaughter and Consumption

On January 30th, U.S. House Representatives Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) and Vern Buchanan (R-FL) reintroduced the Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act to end the slaughter of American horses for human consumption. The legislation would prohibit the sale and transport of equines for slaughter which would prevent horse slaughter plants from operating in the U.S. and also ending the export of U.S. horses across our borders to Mexico and Canada for this purpose.

Over 100,000 innocent horses are exported for slaughter each year with intense suffering occurring even before they reach the kill box. Kill buyers cram horses into semi trucks usually obtaining them from low-end auctions or owners looking to re-home or sell their horse for free or cheaply. Very often they (or their workers) pretend to be a safe home or even a rescue.

The horses who are not immediately shipped to slaughter often spend time at “kill lots” where they are in filthy conditions with many becoming dangerously ill from contagious diseases. Those in transport often go for over 24 hours without food, water, or rest. Depending upon point of origin, they can be transporting within the U.S. long before reaching the border into Canada or Mexico.

At the slaughter plant, the horror intensifies as the exhausted, sick, injured and terrified horses endure multiple blows to the head in attempts to render them unconscious via the captive bolt method. Gunshot methods for killing regularly involve numerous shots as the panicked horse moves frantically around in the kill box.

Years worth of public polls show a strong percentage (at least 80%) of Americans wanting to ban horse slaughter.

“Horses have a special place in our nation’s history, and these majestic creatures were not raised as food for humans,” U.S. Representative Jan Schakowsky said. “The SAFE Act would prohibit any horse slaughter plant from opening; and also end the sale or transport of horses and horse parts in the U.S. and abroad for the purpose of human consumption. I am proud to reintroduce this bill and work with Congressman Buchanan to put an end to this practice.”

“The slaughter of horses for human consumption is a barbaric practice that has no place in America,” U.S. Representative Vern Buchanan said. “I will continue to lead the effort with Congresswoman Schakowsky to ban domestic horse slaughter and end the export of horses abroad for slaughter.”
Horses are not raised as a food animal in the U.S., and they receive a number of medications and other drugs during their lives that make them unfit for human consumption. Front Range Equine Rescue’s legal actions at the state and federal level during 2012-2013 were based upon these facts.

The SAFE Act would prevent millions of taxpayer dollars from being wasted to allow plants to operate in the U.S. where numerous violations were documented when these facilities were open in the past. Regulations and methods for killing at a U.S. plant would not have any significant difference. Horses cannot be slaughtered humanely. Opening U.S. plants does not stop horses from crossing the border as kill buyers have contracts with various slaughter operators. Just like in the past, they would work to fill quotas for each facility whether it’s in the U.S. or in Mexico and Canada.

A similar bill in the Senate is expected to be introduced”

DateAll Actions
01/30/2019Referred to the Committee on Energy and Commerce, and in addition to the Committee on Agriculture, for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker, in each case for consideration of such provisions as fall within the jurisdiction of the committee concerned.
Action By: House of Representatives
01/30/2019Referred to the Committee on Energy and Commerce, and in addition to the Committee on Agriculture, for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker, in each case for consideration of such provisions as fall within the jurisdiction of the committee concerned.
Action By: House of Representatives
01/30/2019Introduced in House
Action By: House of Representatives

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